AYUR: the advanced balance

The Ayurvedic massage is a treatment which acts on the whole body with different manual movements, stimulations and manipulations, together with the use of warm medical oils (Tailam), dusts of herbs, tamponages with compresses of herbs and natural creams. Everything is prepared according to the dictates of the Ayurvedic tradition and chosen depending on the different physical typologies of guests. The oils particularly lubricate and strengthen muscles and articulations, they invigorate and tone up the tissues, nourish and give light to the skin.

Abyangam: body oiling. The aim is to harmonize the Dosha, the constructive biological principles of every human being, to eliminate Aama, the physical and mental toxins, to create an emotional positive flow and to improve the spirit. The massage slows the degenerative processes, improves the resistance to stress, calms the mind, strengthens the immune system and the power of auto-recovery of the organism.

50 min 70 €

Udvartana: a depurative scrubbing massage with a mix of triphala’s dusts, ginger and curcuma. It eliminates the toxins and re-balances.

40 min 60 €

Tridosha: body oiling according to the dosha: vata, pitta or kapha.

50 min 65 €

Patrasweda: massage with warm packs of medical herbs.

50 min 70 €

Kerala with the stimulation of marma points: A rebalancing delicate massage. It reactivates the blood circulation, frees from the daily stress and promotes the psychophysical wellness, establishing a balance among the energy of the body.

70 min 90 €

Ayur Vydia draining facial: it aims to rebalance the three Dosha, which reveal themselves at every level: physical, mental and emotional. Head and face are always considered very important in Ayurveda since our five sense organs are centered there. The Ayurvedic facial has a deep effect, because it acts also on the sense organs, nourishing and purifying them.

50 min 75 €