Body Treatments


Balck Soap Savonage

Aroma Salts peeling

Balsamic Oils scrub

25 min 35 €


Drastic draining Programme: it eliminates water retention thanks to the strength of sea salts, brown algas and bitter orange which drain and promote the osmotic effect and the ion exchange. (we advise 2/3 close sessions).
Slimming Programme:
an effective sea-ground synergy, which fight s adiposity and cellulite with red alga, yellow poppy and coffee. Great on localized deposits. (we advise 2/3 close sessions).
Modelling Programme:
a multi-sense experience, which models the silhouette with haematite, centella, medlar and combined ultrasound (we advise 2/3 close sessions).
Senum Programme:
an enviable natural push-up effect. The tonic treatment for breast, which is based on Kigelia of Africa and soapbark saponaria models and gives support. Add it to the chosen body sensation treatment.

Body + Senum:

45 min 55 €
55 min 65 €

PHITO STAMINAL ALPINE RHODODENDRON & ALPINE HERBS Face and body treatment by Piroche Cosmétiques

Relax, lightness and new energy, the magic perfumes of wood and mountains into a unique treatment. Innovative and natural products, harvested and distilled in Merano, Alto Adige. The staminal cells of rhododendron protect the skin and increase its resistance. Stone pine, mountain pine, Arnica and St John’s wort give to this treatment its own alpine flair. Recommended for tired legs or after skiing or hiking


Body treatment:
Body + face treatment:

50 min 70 €
80 min 120 €