Classic: a mix of different techniques, finger pressures, petrissages, ungluings and tractions to stimulate skin, muscles, veins, arteries and articulations. The aim is to create movements and energy through the hands, using the intuition. The treatment tones up and reactivates.

Slow and cadenced antistress: it deeply acts on the organism, spreads the muscle, calms the nerve endings and leads to a state of deep relaxation.

Draining: it helps to eliminate water retention with light and delicate movements which have a relaxing effect and give a sensation of lightness. It helps in the treatment of the oedematous cellulite, of heavy and swollen legs. It eliminates the toxins from the body.

50 min 60 €

Partial massage: it regards a specific part of the body: legs, back or cervical zone.

20 min 35 €

HOLOS: the emotional massage

Aroma therapeutic massage: acts on the nerve endings of the surface and on the fine energy of the body through perfumed essences (by choice). It relieves the nerve tensions.

50 min 65 €

Hot stone massage: the stones, which are holy objects for many cultures and witnesses of the story of the Earth are heated and passed on the body. The heat helps to eliminate the energy blocks, improving the energy flow in the organism, and creating a better psychophysical general balance.

50 min 65 €

Omoenergetic Massage: a mix of ancient and new techniques, aimed to join spirit and mind, giving a new awareness to body, which we often neglect. They act on the chakras, calm and re-balance, reactivate the energy and increase the oxygenation of the tissues. The treatment is ideal for cold hands and feet.

50 min 65 €

Earth-sky: this massage brings two important parts into contact: head and feet. Our roots are stimulated to spread energy to the whole body through the meridians with a standing and extended movement. Thoughts are calmed and mind finds its own space and balance. The body schema completes you feel yuorself as a whole, supplementing the ”forgotten” body parts.

50 min 65 €

Four-hand massage: two operators massage the body at the same time for a sensation of total relax and rest.

25 min 55 €