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Among all the services and activities offered, we are naming just the main ones. Based on the requests of our hiking guests we have created an accommodation model that’s common to all the Dolomiti Walking Hotels.

1. Hike for your health

Hiking in the mountains is ideal to keep the body and mind fit: it is relaxing and beneficial for the respiratory and circulatory systems, as well as for bones, joints and muscles. Hiking will help you regain a state of physical and psychological well-being.

Did you know that hiking uphill is one of the most calory-burning activities?

2. Hotel owners: the key to the territory

Hotel owners are the perfect key to the treasures of the Trentino Mountains! If you wish, they’ll introduce you to new friends that will be glad to share with you hiking stories, tips, pictures, and maybe the next hike…

3. A mountain of taste

Surrender to the flavors of the cuisine of Trentino: a slice of polenta with local cheese and a good glass of wine to be chosen among 20 labels. Everyday the hotel menu will include typical dishes andgenuine local foods.

4. Trentino, a quiet discovery path

Hotel owners will recommend the tracks that suit your needs, with stops and panoramic points to admire the views from. All hotels offer weekly hikes for everyone’s pace and capacity; library with mountain books and biking maps, nature guides and books on local culture; back pack, water bottle and hiking pole rental; arranged-price transportation (to airports and stations).

5. The environment: a treasure that we need to protect

We’re glad to disclose to you the natural treasures of our land but we are keen on keeping it unpolluted over time. We undertake water and Energy conservation policies, we sort waste and avoid harmful products.