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High-functional products together with expert movements create virtuous and pleasant rites, which celebrate the beauty of the face.

Personalized face cleaning

Personalized face cleaning according to your skin: deep cleaning with aroma-therapeutic steams and the eventual depilation, mask , specific phial and massage.

Noesis vitamin concept / Expressions natural lifting concept

Noesis Vitamin Concept: with vitamin C, this treatment fights the ageing of skin due to pollution and UV rays. With Ultrasonic x-cell.

Expressions natural lifting concept: very moisturizing treatment with face-lift and filling effect with filling polymers and hyaluronic acid. It redefines the face. With ultrasonic x-cell

Face Phito staminal Rosalpina age protect Piroche

Face Phito staminal alpine rhododendron age protect Piroche cosmétiques: these precious ingredients give new vitality. Pot marigold, mallow, evening primrose and stone pine strengthen the natural protective system of the skin, calm and regenerate.

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